Click to Call Live Betting

Australians who want to enjoy live betting without all the fuss of finding their telephone and spending time with an operator are advised to check out the new and innovative Click to Call feature. Created by leading online bookmaker William Hill and set to take the betting world by storm, Click to Call live betting fulfils all the requirements of the 2001 Interactive Gambling Act whilst streamlining the process and ensuring you can wager quickly, simply and efficiently.

The Gambling Act states that Australian betting sites may not participate in any betting activities once a live event has started, unless by telephone and Click to Call live betting meets these expectations and provides punters with a safe and legal way to wager in play.

Click to Call live betting is an innovative and exciting new alternative that complies with Australian laws and allows for you to get right in the middle of all the action without any delays. Accessible from your PC, Mac or mobile, any device that can competently run Firefox or Google Chrome is currently able to facilitate this type of wager. Due to the huge demand for in play betting that’s sure to grow even bigger with this new addition, an iOS optimised option should hit the web incredibly soon.

With William Hill leading the pack and creating a new way to wager that’s reliable, safe and effective live betting looks set to enjoy a rejuvenation of sorts and to experience a new found popularity. It’s never been this easy to bet on a game or event that’s currently in action and by thinking out the box one of the world’s leading bookmakers has managed to find a solution that combines technology with top quality real time wagering entertainment.

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Place Live Bets with Ease

Click to Call live betting allows for punters to connect to all their favourite live betting markets online and to utilise their microphone to reach a contact centre that is manned by operators. In certain instances you won’t be required to even chat to the operator, you’ll simply need to be connected to the live team in order to follow the audio or online prompts to place your bets. The whole process can take as little as a minute and it’s incredibly easy to understand and execute.

William Hill promotions is at the forefront of the Click to Call betting revolution and their live betting system is really straightforward. Other bookmakers look set to follow in their footsteps and create similar options that are just as user-friendly and rewarding.

Make Live Bets Online

With Click to Call offering an exciting new way to wager, mobile betting looks to be an excellent option for any punter who wants to wait until a game or event has kicked off before they decide which team or player to back. Whilst prop bets or those that are placed well in advance may feature better odds generally, live betting is far more exciting and the suspense and entertainment factor is heightened by being able to watch all the action unfold in real time, knowing that your wager could just be the winning one.

Click to Call live betting is an excellent option for any avid Australian punter who wants to enjoy an adrenalin-inducing wagering experience online.