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At we not only bring you all the hottest betting bonuses, free bets and promotions we also recommend the top bookmakers for Australians and tell you a little bit more about some of the new and exciting betting markets on offer. Financial betting has been a huge hit with those who want to punt on something other than horses or sports and at the sites that we recommend you can get in on the action with ease.

Financial betting is basically like a low risk version of stock trading online and rather than having the expense of buying stock and possibly being out of pocket if it drops, you have none of the commitment and can only lose the amount you wager, should your prediction not turn out to be correct. The markets can be volatile and financial betting offers a safer way to wager on the rise and fall of commodities and other financial instruments. Financial betting online is just as enticing as punting on sport and you can wager on whether a stock will rise or fall over a set duration of time. An increasing number of Australians are trying their hand at this relatively new market and finding it to be very rewarding.

Financial betting can result in some rather large payouts, and the bookmakers that we recommend for Australians all offer great odds for every market. If you want to try financial betting and either increase your chances of a bigger win, or give it a test drive there are a number of bonuses, free bets and special offers that can be claimed at the top rated bookies. You can use promotional offers to discover exactly how financial betting works, or if you are confident then you can simply increase your wager amount and hope to reap a larger return.

Financial betting is in a unique class of its own, and as well as being offered by bookmakers it’s also available via specialised brokers. Regulations surrounding this type of betting are rather strict, so at the sites we recommend you can rest assured that you’ll be wagering with the best in the business. When you engage in financial betting you’ll be predicting what a certain stock will do in the future and if your predication becomes a reality you could be enjoying a rather large windfall.

TOP financial betting SITESNovember 2018
1 IE allowed5/5100% Match up to $250 AUD Bet now
2 IE allowed4.9/5100% Match Bonus Bet now
3 IE allowed4.8/5$501 AUD Bonus Bet Bet now

Financial Betting Promotions

In theory, financial betting is very simple and you don’t need to be a numbers guru to work out how to wager. You can choose to place bets based on your gut feel, or you can conduct extensive research into the market and check stats and other information that has an influence over the movement. The better you research your bet, the greater your chance is of a successful result, and those who are informed about their chosen stock will need to keep up to date with market trends, as the world of financial instruments is forever changing.

Once you’ve chosen your preferred market you’ll predict what the stock will do in the future, whether it will rise or fall, and often you can also predict by how much. You then choose the duration of time for your bet to run for, and at its conclusion you’ll see whether you were correct. Binary betting and fixed odds and floating odds are popular with bookmakers who offer financial betting, and you can choose an option that best suits your wagering style.

Decide which Aussie betting sites you prefer from our hand-picked options and start financial betting with a site that comes highly recommended.